How to Care for a Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf Figs (Fycus Lyrata) thrive on consistency - bright indirect light, and a steady temperature and humidity level! This tall, striking plant features very large, prominently veined leaves shaped like violins that grow vertically.

To ensure the fiddle leaf fig's well-being, place it in an area with filtered, bright light or an east-facing window. Providing careful watering and maintaining warm temperatures are essential for the fiddle leaf fig to flourish.

FUN FACT: Despite its name, the indoor fiddle leaf fig tree does not bear any fruit.

Troubleshooting your fiddle:

Are the newest leaves smaller than the existing leaves? They may be lacking water or nutrients for growth.

Is your plant dropping leaves? This can be caused by low humidity or thirst.

Is the top inch of soil very dry? Your plant may be thirsty.

Are the edges of your plant’s leaves brown? They may be dry. You don’t need to drench your plant to give it enough water. In fact, it’s best to let your plant’s soil dry out a bit between waterings. To maintain the right humidity level your fiddle leaf fig needs, you can simply place a humidifier close to it or give it a good mist every few days!

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