Small Interior Design Trends That Make a Big Impact

Blog by Natalie Akins, Natalie is the Interior Design Editor at Innovative Building Materials. With over 20 years of interior design experience, Natalie has worked on many projects including commercial office design and residential spaces.

Design by: Stamm and Black Interior Design | Photo by: Elizabeth Laduca Photography

Interior design is an exciting task to take on, and the options for what you can freshen up are endless.  One thing you need to keep in mind when embarking on a home makeover is that trying to redo everything from top to bottom isn’t necessary to create your ideal space. There are plenty of small changes you can make to create a big impact on your home’s interior.

Replacing Knobs and Handles

Design by: Stamm and Black Interior Design | Photo by: Elizabeth Laduca Photography

One of the largest small changes you can make is replacing the hardware on your cabinets, drawers, and doors.  Replacing these can cost between one to ten dollars per item, but their price depends fully on your budget and how much you shop around before purchasing.

Try to create a cohesive scene by having all of these fixtures have the same type of metal finish or ensuring that any rooms are fully matched.  Otherwise, metal can clash, or you may have pieces that don't go well together and set back your home design further.  If metal finishes aren't your style, consider faux crystal door knobs or wooden knobs instead!

Some even take this time to remove handles from cabinets completely!  With a little wood filler, some paint or stain, and some patience, you can make your cabinets handleless, which will, in turn, make the space feel more modern and refreshing than it did with handles.

Deep Cleaning or Refinishing Your Floors

Your floors are the largest piece of real estate in your home! So if they're dirty, stained, scuffed, or dented: people will notice.  Although you don't have to replace everything with faux hardwood flooring, you can take the time to deep clean and possibly refinish your floors. 

Sanding and restaining or refinishing wood floors can make a room feel brand new.  With carpet, if you don't want to drop the thousands it would cost to replace it, you can invest forty to eighty dollars in renting a deep-cleaner for the day and deep clean your carpets.  This will ensure a fresh and new look for your floors while saving you the trouble of having to replace them.

Allowing Your Doors to Shine

Besides knobs and handles, doors can draw a lot of attention!  Consider purposeful design choices by finding interior door styles that suit your home while also giving you the chance to update them on your schedule.  

The nice thing about replacing doors is that you can do them piece by piece.  Although it will look more cohesive when it's done, if you have to split which doors you do between days or weekends: it's okay!

Design by: Stamm and Black Interior Design

Photo by: Elizabeth Laduca Photography

Replacing Faucets and Fixtures

Design by: Stamm and Black Interior Design

Photo by: Elizabeth Laduca Photography

Faucets, drains, fixtures, and lighting all come into play when you're considering a small update.  Many don't think about how large of an impact a modern faucet can make in their bathroom.  Even if the rest of your bathroom is on the backburner to be updated at a later date: sleep black bathroom faucets can make the space seem classier.

Updating your lighting is vital because it allows you to decide what aesthetic you want your home to have and build out from there. For example, do you want a dining room that feels like people are slipping into the woods for a private dinner?  If so, you can go for more whimsical lights!  If, instead, you have a very modern and sleek kitchen, consider lights that aren't too bright or flashy and instead vanish into the background.

Adding Accessibility Options

While you're updating your home, you may realize that your home isn't the easiest to traverse for someone who has mobility issues. For example, this could mean that your stairs are slick and you need to add a black handrail or that your doorbell isn't very user-friendly for someone who isn't used to camera doorbells.

Although your home should be set up with your mobility and needs in mind, it's a good idea to spend extra time setting up small changes that will make your home more accessible to everyone.  This might mean that parents and grandparents can visit more often, or that you can invite more friends over.  Accessibility changes, even if they're small, can also increase the home's value when you're ready to sell the property.

A Total Makeover Can Be Made In Small Steps

There's no reason to think that your home has to stay how it is simply because you don't have the time or can't afford a full home renovation all at once.  If you make enough small changes over time and save money to try and get the larger changes you want as well: you'll eventually achieve the home of your dreams.

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