6 Ways to Use Textiles in Your Home

Textiles can make a huge impact in the design of your home. They add color, texture, softness and interest in so many spaces. Many textiles have amazing stories associated with them too, which adds to their appeal.  Here are 6 ways to use textiles in your home:

On a headboard  One of the easiest way to display a textile is on an upholstered headboard. If you don't want to upholster your headboard, you can always drape a beautiful fabric over a straight headboard and instantly transform your bed!

2. Hung on a wall  So many textiles are works of art in and of themselves, and make beautiful wall art if framed properly. Prayer rugs or pieces of fabric with a story are great options to hang on the wall

3. As window treatments  Soft romans, or drapery panels transform windows and add finishing touches to a room.  Although larger pieces of fabric are required for these projects, you will make a big impact with the right fabric!

4. On a ladder  Do you have pieces of fabric you're not sure what to do with, or textiles that you found in your travels?  This is a fun way to display them, especially if you have several that look nice together!

5. As a pillow  Textiles make lovely throw pillows, and you can combine fabrics to add borders if you're feeling creative.  Having a custom pillows made with a zipper closure is also a fun way to switch out the look of a room when you feel like it

6. At the end of a bed  If you have neutral bedding and want a pop of color, drape a textile at the end of your bed for added texture and interest.


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